Week 10

Hello again and welcoming you to another fun filled and progressing week of exercise. We are on our way to a consistent 30 minute workout by now which involves 2-3 sets of exercises. You might already have been here (at the 30 minute range) from a few weeks back and if not, now is the time to pull out a few more repetitions. We are re-intoducing the deadlifts (hello hamstrings), progressing our upper body and abdominal control and building up balance and lower limb strength. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?! Almost too much to fit in within 30 minutes. But remember that the choice is yours. Do what is right for your body. There are a lot of variations and if you find any of these too hard just jump back a workout from a previous week. Also take some time to browse through the glossary where I’ve included heaps of different exercise variations. Perhaps there is a more suitable variation in there that you’d prefer to substitute in for this week?

Dead lifts. I love them. I used to fear these exercises because I thought they were terrible for your lower back …. but we fear what we don’t understand. After spending time learning the correct technique for a dead lift I realised how powerful these exercises are. Having strong hamstrings and bum muscles when you lower your body weight forward is essential to stop you from overloading your back. This doesn’t mean every movement is done with a straight back or curved back… it really depends what you’re doing. But none the less - having strong muscles through the back of the legs and hips is key! So give them a go, even with no weights at all…. just wake up those hamstrings and relearn how to do a deadlift

Dead lifts
Start by standing with your feet hip width apart and toes facing forward. Hold the weight in the centre of your body. Lower the weight straight down to the floor by folding at the hips and pushing your butt backwards. The knees bend slightly to maintain control but the main movement is at the hips. Lower the weight down until you feel the back of your thighs engage and then drive back up into standing through your heels. The back stays straight and the weight should stay pretty close to your knees.


Strength work
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds on each side with 15 seconds rest.
‘x’ indicates the number of sets x 1, x 2, x 3

Perform each stretch for 60 seconds or 30 seconds on each side if required.