Week 13

Welcome to week 13 as you enter into the last four weeks of the Hey Fit Mama program. Once again don’t stress if you feel you need more time to take on all these changes. You can continue with these workouts for as long as you wish after the program ceases. For this week the focus is more upper body strength and a progression in abdominal control. If you can, bring back the full plank and full push up even if it is just for half a set or the first few repetitions before dropping back down onto your knees.

Full side plank variation (image 1, 2 & 3)
Stack your legs one over the other with your elbow underneath your shoulder. Align your top hand with your legs. You may choose to place the top hand on your hip or raise it into the air. Press down through your elbow and feet to lift your hips straight upwards. Rise to the top of the plank and then either hold for the full 45 seconds or slowly lower back down and repeat the lift. 

Full plank variation (image 4)
Line your hands up underneath your shoulders and place your feet together and lift your hips up into a full plank. Create a push forward from your hands and push backwards from your feet to lengthen your body. Maintain the plank for the full 45 seconds or take small breaks by lowering down to your knees before pushing back up to the full plank position again. 

Full push up variation (image 4 & 5)
For the full push up you begin in a full plank. The movement comes from the elbows. Bend your elbows keeping them as close to your ribs as possible. Lower down the best as possible but don’t go lower than the level of the elbows. Push through the hands and straighten your arms to come back to the top. Continue to lower down and up for the 45 second set. Remembering that if your technique starts to change because of fatigue, you can drop down to your knees and continue the push ups from there. Once common mistake with push ups is leading with your head. A second mistake is to allow the chest to drop first which creates a caving movement from your upper back. Try initiate the movement from your arms and keep it in the elbows. 


Strength work
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds on each side with 15 seconds rest.
‘x’ indicates the number of sets x 1, x 2, x 3

Perform each stretch for 60 seconds or 30 seconds on each side if required.