Week 2

We are aiming for a session of pelvic floor and lower abdominal contractions every day. The goal is to build your endurance up to a 10 second hold and then build in a second set. Please don’t compromise technique for the sake of length of time…. if you need more time to rest between each contraction then give yourself time. This image shows how I like to imagine the contractions in my head. Go for the green line not the red.

By the end of the week you should be trying to have a co-contraction of pelvic floor and lower abs together. Moving forward in the program the exercises will be done together and generally speaking activating your pelvic floor with naturally bring in your lower abdominals. This is known as a co-contraction and is the normal way these muscles work together. If you complete the exercises below it will take 6-7 minutes for each PF and TrA. I can understand that this might seem a bit much but we are focusing on building foundations for exercise. If you need to, you can do them spread out during the day or work on combining the two activations together. The commitment to daily pelvic floor is only in the first 4-6 weeks until you reach your pre-pregnancy strength and it’s only realistic to think it’s going to take time and effort.

Stretches should be completed a minimum of 3 days a week. Stretching should take around 6 minutes as a minimum. Remember we are building slowly back to 30 minutes so if you can allocate the time now of 6-10 minutes and focus on regaining your back and leg mobility then we will focus on strength. Move well first and then become strong.