Week 3

Welcome to week 3. By now I hope that you’ve got a good handle on your pelvic floor contraction and feeling it combine with your lower abdominals. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t made the 10 second hold - it’s a goal you can continue to work towards in your own time.

What I was hoping to show you is that we change one variable at a time and in this case it is one repetition a day. Now we are going to build it into three sets as the general guidelines for baseline pelvic floor strength suggest 3 sets of 10 x 10 second holds.

Next week we are going to build it into movements. If you’re still completing your pelvic floor exercises in lying, then it is time to progress to sitting. It’s normal to need to drop the length of contraction or number of repetitions as the change in gravity makes the exercise more complex.

Aim by the end of week three to have a set routine of pelvic floor every day and stretches three times a week. Below is a series of flexibility exercises that will take around 15 minutes to complete if you spend 30 seconds on each side or 60 seconds if it is a bilateral stretch. Try complete this three times this week and next week we will start to incorporate in more strengthening exercises.