Week 6

Welcome to week 6 and congrats for sticking with your fitness goals. Last week we noticed an increase in strengthening exercises and a slight reduction in stretches but I’ll aim to keep a minimum of 4 stretches within each workout for a little while longer, each one performed once or twice. This week we are aiming for a minimum for 2 sets (unless specifically labelled x 1) of every strengthening exercise and if you have the energy I’d aim for 3. Keep focusing on using your PF and TrA throughout the exercises and where possible challenge the endurance of your contraction. As with previous weeks stick to the goal of 3 x 10 x 10 PF contractions on your days off. Hopefully you’re starting to notice a great change in your pelvic floor strength and confidence. It is so important to lay a good foundation now so that in 6 weeks time you can consider getting back into higher impact sports. Don’t just leave it and ‘wait and see’ because you’ll be behind the starting mark for sure. SS


Strength work
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds on each side with 15 seconds rest.
‘x’ indicates the number of sets x 1, x 2, x 3

Perform each stretch for 60 seconds or 30 seconds on each side if required.


Workout 2

Workout 3