Week 34

Welcome back ladies! This week we are going back to the topic of flexibility and focussing on two areas of the body I feel are so important to keep mobile - your hamstrings and your thoracic spine (upper back). As your tummy grows it gets hard just to reach your toes! Hopefully if you read the poem I wrote in the '40 weeks of daily change' you'll remember that line. Well let's not worry about not reaching or seeing your toes and let's focus on ways to keep these two regions of your body mobile. 

For the hamstrings you already have been doing all the right stuff - I just want to point it out to you. So there are seated hamstring stretches, sitting stretches using a theraband for extra length, and downward facing dog. 

For the upper back we try to include all the main movements for that region of the spine. Think flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. Think book opening stretches and thread the needle for rotation. Then we have cat cow, upper back extensions on the ball, and roll downs for flexion and extension. And don't forget to bend sideways too with any of the available mermaid stretches.

The focus for this week is to spend some time working through these movements and taking note of how your body feels and which movements/regions you find you need to focus on. If I haven't allocated time in the workout for a region you specifically want to exercise or stretch, please do so yourself and either substitute it in or add it onto the end of the program. 

I'm so proud of what you have achieved so far and everything you've learnt. It's going to make the post-pregnancy workouts feel familiar and easy. As you become more familiar with the programs I would also encourage you to review the glossary again and just check in on your technique for each exercise. Always learning, always changing. Everyday is a new opportunity for growth and for nourishing your body. Well done. Sian 


Strength work
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds on each side with 15 seconds rest.
‘x’ indicates the number of sets x 1, x 2, x 3

Perform each stretch for 60 seconds or 30 seconds on each side if required.