I’ve been designing and writing exercise programs since the time that I was still training as a Physiotherapist and I love it. Each one slightly different. Each one tailored for the person I was with and their personal goals. Recently a friend asked if I would help design some programs for her pregnancy and from there the idea sprouted “why can’t I share these with more women?”


A thought, an idea and a desire to reach many women and this is where Hey Fit Mama came from. My wish for this website is to share my thoughts, knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from working with many pregnant women and mothers after pregnancy. There are 88 different workout programs in the website. Before beginning the workouts I really want to discuss with you the benefits of exercise and my approach to exercising the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles. I hope you take the time to read through the educational components of the program and gain a better understanding of where I’m coming from as a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. It will help us both be on the same page during the programs.

This is me for the past six years….. stick figures on paper. 

I know. They are cute. I have always loved the stick figure home routine. Especially when they are smiling :)

Times have changed and so have I. I’m so excited to offer a program filled with photos of Julia and I exercising rather than my stick figures. However, although it may be aesthetically more pleasing, my messages remain the same.

Exercising during pregnancy is safe and will help promote your health and strength without harming your baby.

If all you take away from this section before you starting working out is that it’s beneficial to exercise and that there is a specific technique involved with pelvic floor and lower abdominal exercises that you need to learn, awesome. If you want to know more…. keep reading.

Sian Smale